Burns Price Foundation’s First Change-Maker

Announcing our first recipient of The Change-Makers Initiative

From Black Lives Matter to Climate Change, young people are at the forefront championing change, and we want to amplify this through our campaign for Change-Makers.

Ultimately, our goal is to cultivate young leaders of the Future that, with our help, can turn their social action ideas into successful projects that promote and advance STEAM (Science.Technology.Engineering.Art.Math).

The Change Makers Initiative in Partnership with The Burns Price Foundation supports young people between the ages of 11–19, from across the UK, with grants of £100 each to work on grass roots level ideas with art and science at the core of the social action project.

Our inaugural Change-Maker is Ava Doherty, a young student who has been very interested in computer science and has been learning how to code, seeing the lack of interest from other girls in her school to study computer science, with our support he wants to develop the ‘“IT GIRLS ARE FIRST UP’ project, where she will organize workshops over the next 6 months, inviting a speaker to talk about various careers and skills one can have in Digital professions from UX/UI to coding via Raspberry PI.

Ava- Inaugural Change-Maker

With our support we have awarded her the starter grant of £100 with her being able to access more as she progresses and has been matched with Rakhi Udainiya Dudarecha, who is dedicating her time to mentor Ava and support her journey to get more girls interested in Tech.


We encourage more young people to come forward and apply for this grant for a chance to gain new connections, skills, confidence and an impact on your community.

Here are a few STEAM examples:

  • inviting scientists to talk to young people about their research
  • partnering with companies offering digital work experience opportunities to young people
  • creating an art show featuring engineers and their journey into their field
  • organizing a science fair with your school
  • starting an after school math club
  • working on a science experiment

More information and Application form can be accessed here


The Change Makers Initiative in Partnership with The Burns Price Foundation supports young people with STEAM grants https://bit.ly/TheChange-Makers